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Entebbe Airport Pick Up – Airport Transfer Services

Looking for Entebbe Airport Taxi Airport Pick Up, We got you covered! Let’s pick you from the airport upon arrival without a hustle! Our Airport Transfer service will get you from Entebbe to Kampala or any city in Uganda.

Entebbe Airport Pick Up
Entebbe Airport Pick Up

Entebbe Airport Pick Up services will ensure you get picked up conveniently and timely!

If you need to arrange a pick-up at Entebbe Airport (also known as Entebbe International Airport) in Uganda, You are reading the right article.

In order to have a smooth airport pickup at Entebbe Airport, we recommend you  Pre-arrange your Airport Transfer. While we offer last minute airport transfer in Entebbe and Kampala, Pre-planning will ensure a timely  transfer. We can contact your hotel or safari company in advance to plan your pick-up service. They will typically send us details to meet you at the airport with a sign bearing your name. You can Book your transfer by clicking this link if you prefer not to read further. You can also Chat with one of us on WhatsApp by clicking on our Contact number +256702525877.

Understanding the Basics:

1. Flight Information:

Before landing at the airport, or as soon as you get the information, you will need to send us accurate and up-to-date flight information. Confirm the arrival time, flight number, and any potential delays. Utilize the airline’s website, flight tracking apps, or direct communication with the airline to stay informed.

2. Designated Pick-Up Areas:

Entebbe Airport has designated pick-up areas located outside the arrivals terminal. If you do not know where, ask the airport staff or use the signage, and directions to easily locate the designated pick-up zones. These areas are organized to facilitate smooth traffic flow and passenger pick-ups. Our driver will be waiting for you here.

3. Traffic Conditions:

Entebbe Airport is located approximately 40 kilometres out of the capital city of Kampala. Consider the time of day and potential traffic conditions when planning your pick-up. While there is an express highway to facilitate faster movement, its wise to plan your pick up time with possible delays in mind. For your peace of mind, the delays do not include our driver picking you late! As a policy, our driver will be waiting for you at least an hour before you land!

4. Airport Services:

Entebbe Airport offers amenities such as restaurants, shops, and currency exchange facilities. This is particularly beneficial if you need some time to freshen up or complete additional procedures before heading out. You might also need to buy a local sim card to enable you make calls and access mobile Data. Our drivers can typically help you with these procedures.

5. Communication:

Maintain open communication with our office. Ensure that you have a reliable means of communication, whether through mobile phones or messaging apps. This allows you to coordinate effectively and provides flexibility in case of any unexpected changes or delays.

6. Covid-19 Protocols:

Stay informed about any COVID-19 protocols and regulations in place at Entebbe Airport. These may include health screenings or testing requirements. We can provide you with this information when you book your airport pick up. Needless to say, its important that you comply with the airport’s guidelines to ensure a safe and compliant pick-up experience.

7. Patience is Key:

Airports can be busy and dynamic environments. Exercise patience during the pick-up process, and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Patience contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

A successful pick-up experience at Entebbe Airport involves careful planning, clear communication, and adherence to airport regulations. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and positive pick-up experience for both you and your driver. We do our best to ensure the pick-up process at Entebbe Airport is as smooth for you as possible. We know that your arrival moment sets the tone for a warm and inviting stay in the Pearl of Africa. Welcome to Uganda.


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