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Landcruiser Prado TX Rental Entebbe Airport

You can rent a Landcruiser Prado Tx/Tz with our Landcruiser TX Rental Entebbe Airport services. The Prado TX is the best 4×4 Self-drive car rental option for game park trips. The Prado Tx comes with a pop-up roof and can be fitted with a rooftop tent and a full camping kit.

Renting a Prado TX /Tz from Entebbe Airport Taxi services will save you a lot of money. Our rental fees start at only $60 per day for self-drive and $80 to rent a Prado Tx with a driver. You will also save on the airport pick up and drop off costs as the car is handed and picked from you at the airport.

Landcruiser Prado TX Rental Entebbe Airport
Landcruiser Prado TX Rental Entebbe Airport

For travelers leaving Entebbe airport and heading to Kidepo National Game Park or other far off destinations, the Landcruiser Prado TX Rental is the most ideal car rental option. It features a more powerful engine compared to the Toyota Rav4 Rental car.

The Landcruiser TX Prado is currently the most requested for 4×4 rental car in Uganda. We are very confident that it will take you to any destination in Uganda and bring you back without any problems.

If you would like something more luxurious and bigger, we recommend you try our Toyota Landcruiser v8 rental at Entebbe Airport.

To book a Landcruiser TX Prado at Entebbe Airport, simply contact us on +256702525877. You can also send us an email to and one of our reservations officer will attend to you.

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