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Affordable Airport Taxi From Entebbe Airport to Jinja

Looking for a Taxi From Entebbe Airport to Jinja? Are you arriving at Entebbe Airport Uganda and want a Taxi to Jinja source of the Nile or just Jinja Town? Whether you booked a hotel in Jinja or simply want to explore Jinja, our Entebbe Airport Taxi service will offer the most reliable yet affordable Entebbe to Jinja Taxi rates. For just $110 you can have a Taxi pick you at the Entebbe airport and transfer you to Jinja.

Our Taxi services include the car rental with a driver, all Toll fees and Fuel. You will not incur other extra costs for the journey.

Entebbe to Jinja Town.

Jinja is situated approximately 125Km North East of Entebbe Airport. The town is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria and River Nile. The recently declared city is a tourist favorite for hosting the Source of the river Nile and a lot of other tourist activities including white water rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining, golfing among many others.

There are mainly three ways to get to Jinja from Entebbe. You can use the Kampala, Kayunga, Jinja Rd, or the Kampala, Mukono Lugazi, Jinja highway. There is also the option to use the Kampala, Mukono, Katosi – Jinja rd.

When planning your trip from Entebbe to Jinja, Its important to have some extra time as there is usually traffic Jam between Kampala and Mukono strech. Being a very busy road, there is heavy traffic all the way from Kampala to Jinja so you should plan at least three hours to avoid being late for your activities in Jinja.

What Cars Can you Use for Entebbe to Jinja Transfer?

For our standard taxi, we mainly use saloon cars for your Entebbe to Jinja transfer. However, under our car rental arrangement, you are free to reserve any of our cars for your Entebbe to Jinja transportation. We have several 4×4 and vans for rental at Entebbe airport. Some of the most popular rentals include Landcruiser TX and v8, Toyota Rav4 4×4, Toyota Hiace tourist Van, Toyota Super custom, Toyota Noah and Toyota Alphard.

Can You Self-Drive from Entebbe to Jinja?

While we do not allow self-drive on the standard Taxi service, you are free to use our car rental service for self drive from Entebbe to Jinja or any other destination in Uganda. To choose a self-drive car simply check out our car rental fleet at Entebbe Airport, choose a car of your choice and contact us for immediate reservation.

How To Reserve a Taxi From Entebbe Airport to Jinja

To reserve your transfer from Entebbe Airport to Jinja simply WhatsApp or Call +256702525877. You can also contact our reservations team by email on We hope to see you on your next travel.

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