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Saloon Car Hire Entebbe Airport

Are you looking for a Saloon Car rental at Entebbe Airport? Do you plan to go on a self-drive road trip holiday with a rented sedan? Our Saloon Car Hire Entebbe Airport will give you the perfect car for your self drive trip or car with a driver tour in Uganda.

If you are looking for Cheap Car Rental Entebbe, we have the most affordable fees on saloon car hire in Uganda. Our saloon car rental cost starts at only $25 per day. All our fees include the full car rental but excludes fuel.

Saloon Car Hire Entebbe Airport
Saloon Car Hire Entebbe Airport

Our saloon car rental are ideal for Entebbe airport transfers, city runs and inter city travels in Uganda. If you are traveling from Entebbe or Kampala to another city in Uganda like Jinja, Mbale, Mbarara, Kabale, Hoima or Fortportal, you will make major savings on your saloon car rental from Entebbe Airport Taxi.

What are Saloon Cars?

Saloon cars also called sedans in some countries are a type of compact vehicle. Typically, a saloon car is a car with three distinct compartments. One for the Engine, the passenger cabin and the luggage compartment. Saloon cars normally have a seating capacity of 5 passengers. Saloon cars are particularly favored for their comfort, fuel efficiency, and suitability for both urban and highway driving.

At Entebbe Airport Taxi, we have economy saloon cars like Toyota Passo, Compact saloon cars like Toyota Premio, Mid-sized cars like Toyota Wish, and luxury saloon cars like the Mercedes Benz.

Why Rent a Saloon Car at Entebbe Airport

There are many reasons why you should consider renting a saloon car for your town runs, inter-city travel or corporate and business travels in Uganda. Here are some of the most compelling ones:


Saloon cars are the most affordable rental cars in Uganda. You can get a saloon that fits in your budget and need! Starting at only $25 you can get a saloon car for your town travels. If you plan to have light travels in Uganda, there might be no reason to spend a lot of money on your car rental when you are only doing simple town movements.


If you are driving in the busy city of Kampala, you need a car that will maneuver through the traffic jam of Kampala with ease. You will find it very easy to find parking in the city for your sedan than if you have a much bigger SUV or tourist van!


With your rented saloon car, you will be able to access some remote suburbs that may not adequately be served by taxi transport. Its important to note that some places in Kampala have no taxi service in the night hours! You will be able to access such places with ease in your rented saloon car.

Tips and TricksTips on Smooth Saloon Car Rental Entebbe

  • Book Early: Pre-booking your sedan ensures you get the right car for your specific needs. Last minute car rental come with availability challenges that often compromise the choices available for you!
  • Inspect the car well: Thoroughly inspect your rental car for any damages that may be present and report them before you drive off. This helps you not to be held accountable for pre-existing damages. Make sure the car has a jack and spare-tyre before you go!
  • Read the Car Rental terms: When you rent a car, all the conditions of your rental are placed in the agreement. Its quite regular for renters to just sign without reading the car rental agreement. This means that one could be ambushed with hidden terms they never read!
  • Take note of emergency contacts: When you go out there on your own, you might need assistance. Make sure you note down your road side assistant in case you need help. Also note down on a piece of paper your most needed contacts in case your phone battery dies.
  • Carry a Phone Charger: You will need to recharge your phone. Carry a car phone charger or request for one during booking.
  • Download your Maps: If you are driving out of the city, you may have intermittent access to internet. Download your maps to ensure you don’t get stranded out there with no directions.

How To Book a Saloon Car at Entebbe Airport

To rent a Saloon car at Entebbe International Airport, simply write to us at You may also call or WhatsApp us on +256702525877 and one of our reservations officers will get in touch with you.

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